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You consent to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Service") by enrolling on the Mero Padhai website.

  1. On our website, you can receive a description of the Services as well as the dates on which they will start. According to the website's description, we will deliver the Services with reasonable care and skill

  2. Without prior notice, we retain the right to change or discontinue any of the Services outlined on the Website

  3. We want you to confirm the suitability of the services you are purchasing. We do not promise that using any of the Services you purchase and complete will lead to a specific outcome, professional certification, or employment opportunity.

  4. For purchasing any of our services online, you must be registered with us by creating an account on Meropadhai’s website.

  5. A legally binding agreement between you and us will be established when we accept your offer to buy Services from Mero Padhai by emailing you to confirm the purchase and when we have received payment of the applicable Fees from you in accordance with clause 5 below

  6. If your order includes several taught courses or numerous Online Courses, we will treat each individual course as a special offer to buy.

  7. If we have accepted or confirmed the services that you have purchased and formed a legally binding agreement with you in accordance with clause 5 above, you may cancel your order for the Services within 14 working days beginning on the day after we conclude our agreement in accordance with the clause, subject to clause 8 below

  8. You have no right to cancel your order if you have already accessed, downloaded all or a portion of the online course, and/or begun using it after purchasing it.

  9. The fees for the Services will be specified on the Website.

  10. When making a purchase, the fees for the Service that you chose on the website or over the phone will be deducted from your credit or debit card. Before you can access an online course or take a taught course, all fees must be paid in full.

  11. Any fees imposed by the issuer of your debit or credit card in connection with your purchase of Services are your responsibility, and Mero Padhai is not liable for them.

  12. No claims may be filed more than six months after the last day on which we provided the relevant Services.

  13. Mero Padhai may add information from other sources, such as exam registration organizations or your employer, to the data you supply.

  14. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in connection with any dispute arising under this Agreement, which is governed by English law.

  15. You can contact us at [email protected].

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