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Join us and learn in a proactive medium with the help of our resourceful lecture videos. Use the PDF files to enhance your learning experience and assess your progress utilizing the chapter-based Quiz.

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Video Lectures

Learn with the help of video lectures, which cover the entire syllabus and more.


Lecture Notes

Enhance the learning experience with the aid of pdf files that you can download.


Quiz Yourself

Assess your progress by taking quizzes that are carefully handpicked by our teachers.


Schedule Live Classes

You can schedule online classes with your favourite teachers and clear up all your doubts.

Our Mantra!

Padhai सम्भव छ

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Are you someone who studies only at the last minute and crack the exam? Or do you have a hard time learning new things? Regardless, we provide you with a platform that suits YOU! Keeping up with the teacher's pace makes learning biased. The hassle of finding study materials, organizing your notes, and revising what you have learned is very tedious. It is frustrating and at times it seems IMPOSSIBLE to learn. Turn this IMPOSSIBLE to POSSIBLE with us because,padhai सम्भव छ!

MERO भविष्य

Come join us and let’s change the future!

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    Education is the best investment because it yields the best interest. We present you with a gift for the future that none can take away.

  • Short Courses


    We dedicate ourselves to empowering you with knowledge, because it is where the real power resides.

  • learn form expert


    Knowledge sharing is the most excellent enlightenment. We are on this noble path to do so.


What Our Students Say

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service to our students, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Read what our students have to say about working with us.


Alisha Poudel


With a great course instructor and briefly explained syllabus, it's one of the most amazing courses I've taken through Mero Padhai so far. Throughout the entire specialisation, there are countless opportunities to get useful insights.


Ajay Gurung


In my POV, the most beneficial part of this whole platform is the ability to study whenever and wherever possible. And on top of it, this platform is also inexpensive compared to traditional tutoring.


Sagar Timilsina


Mero Padhai is a great online learning platform for students in Nepal. The platform is very user-friendly and the courses are well-structured. Overall, I highly recommend mero Padhai to anyone looking for an online learning platform in Nepal.


Ashesh Adhikari


Mero Padhai works well for us. It is inexpensive and easy to use, yet has advanced administrative features.



Mero Padhai

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