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Since its launch, Mero Padhai has been Nepal's #1 e-learning resource for management students. They have aced their exams by utilizing our in-depth pre-recorded lectures, pdf notes, and quizzes that cover the whole course. Mero Padhai already has a broad array of courses, and we are constantly working to offer you top-notch courses in a variety of faculties, ranging from live ''Loksewa'' preparation classes to online bridge courses.

What separates us from the rest of the online learning platforms is that we cover the entire syllabus. We address the subtle nuances of an individual to provide you with a unique platform catered to your preferences. With our concise yet comprehensive course, students of all sorts of caliber and goals can benefit. Additionally, we have free access to skill development courses that help you gain useful, in-demand skills such as Photoshop and search engine optimization (SEO).

At Mero Padhai, we're always working to identify the issues Nepali students are having and develop pertinent solutions. We discovered that BBS students had the highest dropout rate in Nepal, with the main factor being that they couldn't balance work and school. Therefore, we introduced our comprehensive BBS course, which has received fantastic feedback from the students. The same is true for gaps we identified in the sectors of IT, NEB, Loksewa Preparation, etc. We relentlessly strive to find solutions to the problems that, at times, make studying seem impossible. किनकी अब पढ़ाई सम्भव छ |

Key Features

Personalized Learning Experience

Addressing the subtle nuances of an individual, we provide you with a unique platform catered to your preference.

Lecture Notes

We provide you with the Lecture notes which will help you to understand the topic better.

Chapter-based Quiz

Assess your progress with the help of Quiz which are carefully hand-picked by our teachers.

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