Studying from Online Learning Platforms in Nepal

Deeya Poudel


June 09, 2023


8:30 AM


The following article makes you aware of the condition of online learning systems in Nepal, what most people do not know about the online learning platforms, the things that we should be aware of before enrolling in any courses, the online learning platforms available in Nepal, Mero Padhai as the best online learning application, and the types of courses and amenities Mero Padhai offers.

What level of online education are you familiar with? After the global pandemic COVID-19, the majority of our schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions switched their educational learning platforms from traditional classrooms to online learning. Therefore, it can be assumed that most of us have had some exposure to online learning. But how often do you prefer to learn from online platforms without any compulsion? We Nepalese have a tendency to prefer classes in person over those via the internet or online learning, even when the same course is available online at a relatively cheaper price. We have significantly more confidence in the efficiency of physical education. On the contrary, in practical terms, everyone who has a hunger for knowledge is going to gather information and learn from anything and anywhere. Simply because online learning platforms are equally efficient as traditional physical learning. Online learning offers courses at a cheaper price, and a few of them are even available for free. Additionally, it offers a range of courses that are not physically available or accessible. There is no requirement to spend your valuable time and resources just to make the trip to the institution when you can have access to everything while staying at home.

Which online learning platform is best in Nepal, is now the question? There are many diverse educational sites available, including international platforms like Coursera and Crash Course, along with Nepali institutions like Edusanjal, Mero Padhai, and Neema Academy that provide you with many unique courses that are hard to find even physically. Mero Padhai, though, would be my first choice if I had to pick just one for myself. Why? Because…..

Mero Padhai is a remarkable online learning application that has recorded lectures, notes, and quizzes for a wide range of programs that you can explore from anywhere at any time. It offers students free access to exclusive and premium courses in Adobe Photoshop, video editing, graphic design, and Figma. Additionally, it offers bridge courses in subjects like physics, chemistry, accounting, biology, mathematics, and English for just Rs. 100 per topic, whereas physical education institutions require a minimum of Rs. 10,000 merely for enrollment. Furthermore, it provides courses in Micro Economics, Business Statistics, Financial Accounting and Analysis for BBS first year. Likewise, Macroeconomics and Fundamentals of Financial Management for the second year and Foundation of Financial System for the third year students cost just Rs. 200. No, the courses provided by Mero Padhai are not limited to here; it still has more to offer. Unbelievable right?

But yes, it also provides Business Mathematics, Principles of Accounting and Economics for NEB grades 11 and 12, respectively. And yet they are planning to add more courses at affordable prices. It features highly qualified lecturers who have expertise in different subject matters, assisting you in gaining a solid understanding and excellent grasp of the subject at hand.

I know anyone can be thrilled by such affordable premium offers. Now that you know all of this, perhaps you are able to comprehend the significance online learning platforms hold and how much better they are than traditional physical institutions. Now what are you waiting for? Go enroll right away!