Studying Bridge Course in Institutes vs. Online

Deeya Poudel


March 23, 2023


8:00 AM

Almost every Nepali student must be very familiar with the term “Bridge course”. It's possible that you witnessed your elders, siblings, and friends enrolling in the course before they chose any other +2 or A-level programs. It's an advanced course that serves as a bridge and gateway for students who have recently cleared the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) on to the academic programs they will be pursuing in subsequent years. To ensure that students can readily adapt and adjust to the new field, faculty, or subject. Additionally, it is to get students prepared to take the entrance exams of several prestigious colleges. It facilitates the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and English especially by the students who will be pursuing Science or Nursing in +2 or A-levels.

Institutions offering bridge courses instruct students in a variety of question-solving strategies. Similar to that, they frequently take tests and provide the students practice versions of the model questions from the prior year but it’s not mandatory to enroll in this course. Based on the academic backgrounds, students who did not enroll in the bridge course were nonetheless able to receive good grades. There are multiple institutes that provide bridge courses in Nepal amongst which Intel Bridge Course is highly popular followed by the institutes like Alfa Beta, Cambridge Bridge Course, Pathshala Bridge course and St. Xavier. The cost range for the course is in between 10,000 to 15,000. However, did you know that the identical courses are offered for just Rs. 100 per subject?

Quite surprised, huh? Yes, that's genuinely true.

The legit application Mero padhai has offered the same course online at the cheapest price possible. It offers all of the comprehensive identical programs offered by the institutions, along with previous year's exam questions and answers for just Rs. 100 per subject. To assess your proficiency, you can also take a variety of online tests, just like academic institutions do by administering exams. Even the lecturers are well qualified and proficient individuals who also instruct in bridge course learning institutions.

Studying Bridge Course in Institutes vs. Online (Mero Padhai)

  • The cost of attending an institution is multiple times more expensive than that of Mero Padhai, resulting in a large gap in affordability. While the identical courses are available at Mero Padhai for about Rs. 500 per subject, institutions charge a minimum of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000.

  • As Mero Padhai is based on online media, all of the additional costs associated with studying in institutes, such as expenses for transportation, food/lunch expenses, book expenses, and exam expenses, can be avoided or eliminated.

  • The fixed time is allocated if you study in institutes, but in Mero Padhai you can open your laptop/mobile and study whenever and wherever you want.

  • The topics that have already been studied can be revisited as many times as necessary, but in institutes, it will be difficult to catch up if you were absent and missed a particular topic because lecturers won't start the same topic again from scratch just for one student.

  • In institutes, you can ask the lecturers about any questions you have right away regarding the curriculum; nevertheless, in Mero Padhai, you won't be able to do so concerning the subject matter . However, the app will soon include this feature.

It is clear that Mero Padhai offers greater benefits at a lower price after comparing the two options for taking bridge courses: institutional and Mero Padhai online. For you to explore during your post-SEE holidays, Mero Padhai also provides free access to skill development courses like Graphic Design, Photoshop, Figma, and video editing. Once you browse the app, its features will astound you. Additionally, some new topics are being prepared for Mero Padhai's course addition. So if you have interest regarding any of these topics, now you know where to search for them.