Learn Useful skills online in Nepal

Ajay Gurung


June 09, 2023


8:30 AM


The following article tries to articulate the useful skills that we can learn online, such as Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, Language Learning, Financial literacy, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Video editing, and online entrepreneurial skills.

People today are exploring and acquiring knowledge about a variety of different fields where they can pursue their actual passions. People can learn about and complete such courses using a variety of resources, but one of the greatest and most reliable is the internet. It includes every requirement, from fundamental life skills like cooking, knitting, and learning a foreign language to more complicated advanced skills like coding and programming and financial literacy.

However, people in Nepal don't really believe in online education since they don't think it's as effective as traditional schooling. Nevertheless, there are a variety of online courses that people are starting to look into and, as a result, inspiring themselves a little more to use online learning, having discovered the numerous worthwhile online courses that are not physically available. What are the things that come to mind first when you think of the skills you can learn online?

1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing skills like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), which are becoming increasingly popular, can be very helpful to enterprises to advance the marketing strategies of their products and services to consumers through the internet. The internet is the sole foundation of today's world. You can barely see a person without a social media handle. The internet is the only thing that drives today's world. An individual without a social media account is hardly visible. Through digital communication, people socialize, learn about the world, and connect with one another. Digital marketing is therefore the most effective way to improve sales or accessibility in order to spread awareness of a specific firm or to draw customers to a specific set of goods and services. This is why it is crucial in today's society to be knowledgeable about digital marketing. The training is readily available online, which makes it simpler for you to learn for free.

2. Graphics Design

In order to create aesthetically appealing material for businesses, websites, and other presentations, graphic design abilities can be quite helpful. The field of graphic design plays a vital role in enhancing your marketing and advertising endeavors through impactful visual communication. It serves the purpose of informing, educating, and persuading your intended audience, ultimately driving them towards making a purchase. As today’s world is regulated by the internet, to convey information through online mediums in such a way that people will grasp it immediately, graphics design plays a significant role here.

3. Financial Literacy

Plenty of courses on personal finance management, estimation of expenditures, making investments, and other financial abilities are available online through different mediums. These courses can be quite useful for managing one's finances. It teaches the ability to allocate funds and manage money more effectively and enables people to make strategies that set goals, demands, and standards, hold them responsible for their financial decisions, and chart a road for accomplishing unattainable objectives. The primary ability required for survival in the contemporary context is definitely knowing how to effectively handle one's own finances. Because of this, having financial literacy is crucial. Financial literacy is a very difficult education to find physically, but it is available online.

4. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop, a widely used program for photo and image editing, holds a prominent position in its industry. With its extensive array of features, the software empowers users to manipulate digital photos and images in various ways. Notably, Photoshop offers three remarkable features: layers, selection tools, and blending modes, which enable the creation of high-quality images. Moreover, Photoshop's diverse range of capabilities facilitates tasks such as photo retouching, digital artwork creation, and web design.

5. Learning Languages

People who want to learn a new language or upgrade their current language abilities can take advantage of online language courses. Both personal development and professional opportunities may benefit from this. In today's world, acquiring language skills has become crucial, especially if you intend to pursue higher education or work opportunities in foreign countries where English is commonly spoken as a second language. Learning a new language not only facilitates communication but also contributes to improving proficiency in your native tongue, making you more adept and respected wherever you may venture. Fortunately, there are numerous free language courses accessible online, providing you with ample opportunities to explore and learn.

6. Figma

Figma is an online tool for collaborative interface design that also has offline functionality made possible by desktop programs for Windows and macOS. It is a versatile tool that can be used to create posters, images, logos, and more. Additionally, it supports communication, collaboration, refinement, and documentation during the design process and aids with illustration. The biggest benefit is that it is a free, multipurpose tool. Because of this, it is crucial to understand how to use Figma in order to improve our lives.

7. Video Editing

Video editing holds significant importance as it plays a pivotal role in seamlessly integrating visuals and audio, allowing us to forge an emotional connection and sometimes even immerse ourselves in the films we watch. It stands as one of the most prominent aspects of the modern world. Many individuals who have a preference for visual learning or those with learning disorders rely heavily on videos as their primary means of acquiring knowledge. In today's world, videos offer immense potential and opportunities. Therefore, possessing video editing skills can open doors to a wide range of career prospects.

8. Online Entrepreneurial Skills

People can learn entrepreneurial skills, including business planning, marketing tactics, and spotting market gaps, through a number of online courses. As the world increasingly operates through online platforms, many businesses have transitioned from traditional methods to online operations, including marketing strategies. Consequently, online entrepreneurial skills have emerged as essential competencies in the business realm. These skills encompass organizational abilities, effective money management, networking prowess, and the cultivation of creativity, innovation, and leadership qualities. Additionally, online entrepreneurship teaches individuals to identify problems and devise creative problem-solving strategies while efficiently utilizing available resources.

Skill development courses are readily available online for free, whereas finding similar courses in physical settings can often be costly and challenging. Numerous online platforms offer opportunities to enhance your skills, and among them, Mero Padhai is my personal favorite. It offers comprehensive and exclusive courses such as Video Editing, Graphic Design, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, and more, all at no cost.