Best study sources for Nepali BBS students

Deeya Poudel


June 09, 2023


8:30 AM

The goal of this management curriculum BBS (Bachelors in Business Management) is a 4 years undergraduate program that provides students with the skills necessary to succeed as managers in the workplace or elsewhere that demands structured effort and to equip students with the skills necessary to function effectively in a dynamic and unpredictable workplace and adapt to an environment that is constantly undergoing change. The curriculum strives to expose students who are interested in different marketing, financial, and strategic environments while also catering the chance for both personal and professional growth. Putting this in a simple words, through this TU-designed curriculum, students can have the opportunity to learn how businesses are operated and managed. Students who take this course have several doors opened to them for highly profitable and advantageous work opportunities. Among them are:

  • Financial Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Human Resource Manager (HR)
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Researcher
  • Marketing Manager
  • Administrative Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Policy Analyst
  • Investment Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Real Estate Agent/ Broker

To pursue these career options, one has to study the subjects; Business English, Business Statistics, Microeconomics for Business, Financial Accounting and Analysis, and Principles of Management for the first year to help students build a solid foundation upon which to build their understanding of business concepts, theories, and practices. Then, Business Communication, Macroeconomics for Business, Cost and Management Accounting, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, and Fundamentals of Financial Management are the academic subjects for the second year that give students a foundational understanding of the principles, methods, and primary courses. To develop a comprehension of how businesses operate, it is essential to take the foundation courses. Likewise, for the third year, Business Law, Financial System Foundations, Business Environment and Strategy, Nepal's Taxation, and the Fundamentals of Marketing are necessary for comprehending the more general fields of business education. The students are encouraged to concentrate on a specific function and concentration area of business studies in their final year, and they are given the opportunity to study subjects like Entrepreneurship, Concentration Subject I, Concentration Subject II, Concentration Subject III, and Business Research Methods. Finally, this four year undergraduate program is summed up by a final year project where students have to show their skills they learned in four years.

Now, the question is, What are the BEST sources for Nepali BBS students?

Due to the fact that numerous schools and universities in various regions of Nepal offer the BBS program, it is an academic field that is easily available everywhere. Several of the top educational institutions are:

  1. Thames International College, Kathmandu
  2. Shankar Dev College, Kathmandu
  3. Nepal Commerce Campus, Kathmandu
  4. KIST College, Kathmandu
  5. APEX College, Kathmandu
  6. Edenburgh College, Biratnagar
  7. Bhadrakali Multiple Campus, Pokhara
  8. International College of Chitwan, Chitwan
  9. Aims College, Butwal
  10. Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan

Everyone is aware of how challenging learning solely from teachers can be. The traditional methods of instruction that are considered conventional are ineffective and problematic.

Teachers who harbor resentments toward their students may favor some over others, humiliate them for not learning the subject matter in a timely manner, or do other things. As a consequence, some students find it extremely difficult to raise questions that they may have found challenging, missed class due to a personal situation, or found it difficult to remain concentrated in class. Mero Padhai has offered an exclusive deal just for those students. It offers the entire course, notes, and quizzes for the topics that are specifically taught by experienced, qualified, and certified professionals. It will be made available in recorded form so that we may go back and forth as many times as necessary and skip right or rewind to the crucial section without feeling embarrassed, only at Rs. 100 per subject.

Amazed enough? It’s true, you can have access to the entire course, which will make it easier for you to cover the course quickly if you are left behind. It provides Micro Economics, Business Statistics, Financial Accounting and Analysis for first-year students. Likewise, Fundamentals of Financial Management, Macroeconomics and Foundation of Financial System for second and third years, respectively. It also provides many skill development courses like Photoshop, Video editing, Figma and Graphics Design etc. There are also many other courses, and the full course of BBS is in the process of being uploaded to the app. No more tolerance of embarrassment and humiliation. Download the app now!